Congratulations on deciding to book this Discovery Session! 

Please mark the date in your calendar and ensure that you come ready to take notes. 
It’s going to be exciting, possibly challenging, fun and most of all- transformational.

A bit about our session together-

It’s going to be 60 mins where we focus on 3 very powerful elements:

  1. Your Business Idea: does it have the potential to grow and be successful
  2. The Action Plan: what will you need to do over the coming weeks, months and year to ensure that your idea can actually be launched
  3. Your Mindset: we will take a look at your belief system and understand what has held you back thus far, from taking action?
At the end of our call, if we both feel like we are a good fit for each other, I may invite you to join us on one of our programs, to really fast-track your journey towards entrepreneurship.
But only if we both agree that you are truly ready.