Meet Your A-Team

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has”
Margaret Mead

The secret sauce, infact the entire recipe for The Freedom Switch’s success lies in the members of the team. Each one of us, an expert in our area of work, contribute equally to launch our clients into business success. That’s why we also call ourselves The A-Team (Yeah, we love the 80s too)

Trevor Banerjee

Business Coach

Founder and author of The Freedom Switch, Trevor is the resident business coach and also a bit of a father figure at the agency (no jokes about his hairline!) Like Gandalf, he guides and mentors the hobbits, sorry, members throughout the process of a business launch.

With a double masters in Accounting and Commercial law and over 2 decades of experience of working for large corporates as well as running his own agency, Trev brings in a unique mix of skills and business acumen to help his clients succeed in launching and running their own businesses.

Naturally drawn to compassionate people, Trev specialises in working with conscientious businesses & helping them achieve profitable growth. He is renowned for his ‘tough-love’ approach. By asking all the right questions and holding his clients accountable, Trev ensures that their business plan and strategies are executed to bring their dreams and goals to fruition.

Apart from coaching, Trev is a passionate vegan and environmental activist who lives in London and enjoys traveling with his wife (and life) Dee.

Mudra Shirvaikar

Brand Consultant and Designer

With over 15 years of experience under her belt, Mudra is our resident Brand & Communication Designer. A product of the premier National Institute of Design, India, Mudra follows a rigourous design methodology with an unrelenting eye for aesthetics. Working at the confluence of Visual Arts and Cognitive Psychology, she has, for years, steadfastly rejected lucrative corporate careers to work with small, conscious and sustainable businesses. She has also closely worked with organisations for environmental conservation, child rights, solid waste management and welfare of stray dogs in India. An emerging design educator and jurist for reputed design schools in India, Mudra is a vocal anti-speciesist, gender and social justice advocate and Vegan.

Nikita Boominathan

Online Presence Specialist

Nikita Boominathan is an eco-friendly, vegan web designer based in Mumbai, India. She loves to work with socially conscious businesses and is passionate about giving you an Impactful online presence and make it simple to share ideas and vision with your target audiences. She has a great eye for design and functionality and has been designing websites professionally for eco-conscious businesses for over 3 years.
She believes in social equality and is very fierce about it. Apart from making websites, she spends the most of her time on all forms of activism like LGBTQ rights, women’s rights, animal rights, climate change, etc.

Mishuk Das

Digital Marketing Ninja

Mishuk is our in house Digital Marketing Specialist with hands on experience and expertise in the practice. He is a black belt in social media, SEO, online marketing, advertising and copywriting, with a documented record of success in increasing online presence and brand awareness.

As cherry on the top, he is  passionate about the intersection of sustainability and digital communications and determined to communicate your messages across all digital platforms, by curating finely-tuned social content or thought-leadership development. 

Fun facts about Mish: Taekwondo is his sport and has an immense love towards Science Fiction, Philosophy and Spirituality.