Corporate Slavery, Money, Debt, Karma and the need to Break Free

Does the idea of working in a nine to five job for the rest of your life make you cold?

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Then you are not the only one. The vast majority of us are convinced that the only way to survive through the struggles of life, is to get a job which pays a stipend, whether it is an hourly wage or a monthly salary. Having such a job gives us the illusion of security by establishing a steady flow of “income” and with that steady flow of income, we generate a feeling of security and predictability in ourselves, but at the same time we end up in acquiring financial and karmic debt.

The sad reality is that each and everyone of us trying to survive the economy are in some form of financial debt. In fact numerous studies show that not having enough money, and especially being in debt, causes serious physical and mental distress.

There are two things that the vast majority don’t generally recognize. One is that this security can be detracted from you arbitrarily, whenever the employer wishes. The second is that paying little mind to the pay, it is general human instinct to live a little beyond one’s means by building up credit and purchasing things that generally an individual would not be able to afford, by paying for them in installments.It is this debt enslavement that keeps most people dependent on their salary and being an efficient corporate slave.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a new graduate right out of college, a middle manager, or a senior manager, the fact is, working in the typical office of a large corporation is mind-numbing and often leads to mental and physical distress, affecting every sphere of your personal and social life.

The matter of fact is that you get little or no chance to express yourself creatively or to act as an entrepreneur. Your days are taken up with pointless meetings, working endlessly on Microsoft excel, powerpoint presentations and monthly reports. Being required to achieve meaningless “KPI” targets. Subjected to demeaning “ mid-yearly and yearly reviews”. Having to work with layers of management and supervision, yet no-one wanting to be responsible for making a decision.

The tedium of being surrounded by zombies that you call colleagues trotting to the staff canteen for lunch and back every day. Everyday seems to be a struggle for motivation.

And Here’s the real bummer. Financial karma is a real thing! You reap what you sow in your relationship with money. Your relationship with money also includes how you respect and interact with other people’s money. So the company you might be working for, might be engaged in exploitation in some form or contributing to global poverty, climate change and pollution etc. So, the salary that you get every month, has negative Karma attached to it and probably the reason why you can’t attract financial prosperity into your life. If you are out of integrity with your money in one area it will affect the other areas of life as well.

Become An Ecopreneur and Make a Positive Impact On The Planet

The good news is, you don’t need to attract negative karma in terms of finances in your life. Your future doesn’t really have to be a constant struggle to maintain the status quo. You don’t have to surrender to the corporate slave

You are capable of achieving much more than you have been conditioned to believe.

And the kickass way to make a positive impact on the planet is to get entrepreneurial and start your own sustainable business.

All you need to do is realize the infinite potentials that lie within you, change your mindset towards finances, create a vision for a sustainable future – and set new goals for yourself.

In general the world is experiencing a general shift of collective consciousness for a better and positive future. More and more people are waking up to the fact that this world is in dire need of sustainable businesses. There’s never been a better time than now for ecoprenuers to start their own business. People are slowly moving towards conscious consumerism and it’s growing fast.

The web makes it possible to reach markets and customers anywhere in the world.

This means there are great opportunities available right now – provided you are willing to grasp them.

Quit Corporate Slavery and Make The Freedom Switch

The Freedom Switch Program is a space where aspiring ‘ecopreneurs’ can get all the guidance, resources, support and accountability needed to start-up as well as accelerate their business growth!

Whether it is through our step-by-step blueprint, our team of experts guiding you at each step or our community of like-minded startups cheering you on, our mission is to provide you with absolutely everything you will need to launch your business and thus empower a sustainable future, for you as & the world around you.


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